6" Fittonia Albivenis ‘Nerve Plant’
6" Fittonia Albivenis ‘Nerve Plant’

6" Fittonia Albivenis ‘Nerve Plant’

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Fittonia also referred to as the "Nerve Plant' is a great one for beginners.  It gets the name 'Nerve Plant' from the patterns on its leaves.  Plants grow in colonies to create a bushy look.  Usually grow 6 - 12 inches in height.  In spring/summer they produce stacked flower buds with trumpet-like flowers.  This plant is known for its ability to be fairly easy to resuscitate if found recently dried out and wilting.  Try setting plant in a dish of water and allow soil to absorb for several hours.  Once absorbed your plant may spring back to life.  Great plants for kitchens and bathrooms where they can get exposed to water mist from sinks/showers.  They like humidity.

Origin: South America/Peru
Light: Bright/Indirect
Water: Water weekly
Mist: 1-2 times weekly
Soil: Well-Draining Soil Mix