The Plant Provocateur

Hi I'm Hank.  I am The Plant Provocateur. What began years ago as a plant lover's beloved, word-of-mouth, go-to brick and mortar plant shop in Silver Lake (Los Angeles) became an in-person pop up marketplace and online retailer thanks to the Covid-19 era.  Now in changing with the current times, TPP's focus has shifted to primarily providing personal, customized, plant provision, beautification and care.

I've spent years around plants and have an extensive background in horticulture. I wrote a gardening book for Sunset/Time Warner, been a featured speaker at The Huntington Botanical Gardens, and provided educational botanical workshops for corporations, studios, retailers, and private clients.  From years of hands-on experience, trial and error, I have become an inspired and successful grower of plants.  I consider myself a true 'biophiliac' - lover of plants. I love introducing people to plants and fostering a positive desire to care for, appreciate, and honor them.



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