The Plant Provocateur

Hi I'm Hank.  I am The Plant Provocateur. What once began as a traveling plant lover's popup marketplace around Los Angeles 10 years ago, then became a word-of-mouth, go-to brick-and-mortar plant shop in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.  While operating The Plant Provocateur brick-and-mortar shop I taught various engaging plant workshops and created an exciting plant community.  Now in this new 'Covid' world, after 5 years, the brick-and-mortar has closed and evolved into a virtual online plant shop where one can discover, fall in love with, and purchase lush, beautiful wellness providing plants as well as botanical goods.

I wrote a gardening book for Sunset/Time Warner, been a featured speaker at The Hungtington Botanical Gardens, featured in the Los Angeles Times, and have an extensive background in horticulture.  From years of hands-on experience, trial and error, I have become an inspired and successful grower of plants.  I consider myself a true 'biophiliac' - lover or plants.  My mission...share the plant growing experience with everyone.  Growing plants is a form of activism and I'm here for it!