4" Aglaonema ‘Lady Valentine'

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Aglaonema commonly known as Chinese Evergreen makes a truly versatile addition to any plant collection. First and foremost: These are the plants to have for that low light situation that needs a blast of color. Aglaonema come in a variety of colors. Aglaonema Lady Valentine's foliage comes drenched in splashes of rich pink, red, white, and green color. These are low maintenance plants. They don't like a lot of fuss. Aglaonema are my go-to plant for those looking for something to light up a dim space with vibrant color and pattern. They tolerate low light better than most houseplants. Generally, plants can reach anywhere from 12 -36 inches tall over time. They also produce unique small closed Calla Lilly like flowers. Two Final Notes: These plants have a low tolerance to cold air. They are also toxic to pets. So keep them out of reach. Origin: Thailand/Indonesia/Malaysia Light: Bright/Low Indirect Light Water: Let Soil Dry Out Between Watering. Suggested Watering is every 10-12 days unless plants exhibit wilting sooner. Soil: Light, Well-Draining Soil Mix