6" Maranta Leuconeura 'Lemon Lime’
6" Maranta Leuconeura 'Lemon Lime’

6" Maranta Leuconeura 'Lemon Lime’

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Here we have a stunningly, eye-catching member of the 'Prayer Plant' family.  Maranta leuconeura ' is a beautiful plant with incredibly graphic foliage displaying fresh varieties of greens detailed with greenish-white pin stripes.  Plants grow about 12 inches tall and can arch stems as far as 18 inches wide.  The other unique feature of this plant is that its foliage folds upward at night, as if in prayer, giving it the common name 'Prayer Plant'.  Produces sweet, little whitish-purple delicate flowers that usually last for a day or two.  Flowers also close up at night.  

Origin: Brazil
Light: Bright/Indirect Light
Water: Let Soil Dry Between Watering. (One indication of over saturated soil is yellowing leaves)
Mist: Occasionally
Soil: Well-draining Potting Mix