TPP Flower Cart Premieres Sat. 12/12 - Takin' It To The Streets!

So the holidays are here and you've got parties to go to and gifts to give.  Why not share some floral fantasy with a small bouquet (aka 'A Posy') or some holiday floral flair in the form of a succulent wreath or some seasonal swag?  Well, for the next 2 Saturdays (12/12 + 12/19) The Plant Provocateur will be taking it to the streets...actually to the sidewalk to be more exact, in front of Muddy Paw Coffee at 3320 W. Sunset Blvd. next door to Night + Market Thai Restaurant.  I'll be running a little flower cart stand so that passers-by can get a chance to experience The Plant Provocateur.  I'll have $5 to $15 posies plus other holiday horticulture $20 and up. 

Many people have only stumbled upon The Plant Provocateur shop to say they had no idea that it was hidden off the street behind Muddy Paw Coffee.   Well, I figured it was about time to move things front and center, live and in concert, street-side, so everyone could find one of Silver Lake's best kept secrets.  So, if you're in need of a quick gift or offering come find me pedaling my wares. 

Happy Holidays from The Plant Provocateur!