TPP Flower Cart Encore Sat. 12/19! Curbside Holiday Bouquets!

So this is it!  The last weekend before Christmas.  Do you need some floral fabulousness in your holiday lives?  Well bring it on down to The Plant Provocateur shop and get some holiday floral flair.  People were really digging the bouquets last weekend, so here's another chance to get yours!

I'll be street-side in front of Muddy Paw Coffee at 3320 W. Sunset Blvd. next door to Night + Market Thai Restaurant.  I'll be running a little flower cart stand from 12:30p-4:30p so that passers-by can get a chance to experience The Plant Provocateur.  I'll have $5-$20 bouquets plus other holiday horticulture $20 and up.   

It's the final holiday push, so if you need to get something unique, beautiful, and thoughtful for someone in your life come check out The Plant Provocateur.  Remember, you'll be supporting a small, independent, community friendly business in Silver Lake. 

Happy Holidays from The Plant Provocateur!