The Plant Provocateur Shop Is Open!!!

Well, the day has finally arrived.  Time to open the doors and begin the new adventure.  Now, in typical L.A. fashion, I'm referring to this event as a "soft opening".  I'll be there.  The doors will be open...but it's a casual thing.  Regular store hours are in place but the Grand Opening event will not happen until June or July.  Everything is just about there...but more is to come.  So, if you're feeling like coming to check out to see what's growing on or talk about plants n' stuff...push the door open, if it isn't already, and say "Hi!".  I've got super sexy houseplants, scrumptious succulents, and a few cut flowers too.  Also, be sure to check out some of the design goods I'm carrying.  It's all stuff to make you feel good.  Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11-6pm and Sunday 12noon - 5pm.  Mondays Closed.  Welcome to The Plant Provocateur!