The Future Flora Initiative - Ranunculus

When people come into the shop they always ask me, when it's on display, what flower is that?  I tell them "it's a Ranunculus."  They usually respond with "Ranuncul-what?"  Well, here we have the perfect candidate to kick off The Future Flora Initiative series.  This series is going to introduce you to and get you to know the flowers that beautify our world and many Plant Provocateur cut flower bouquets. 

Ranunculus asiaticus, its botanical name, is commonly referred to as the Persian Buttercup.  To me, these flowers represent a richness in beauty.  They grow natively in the Mediterranean, S.E. Europe, S.W. Asia, and N.E. Africa.  These plants grow from a tuberous bulb.  Some produce simply elegant single petaled flowers and others lustrous whirlpools of petals in sumptuous colour. They're primarily abundant in early spring through early summer.

Found in the center of their flowers is a mystically regal crown of stamens and pistils.  In some cases, the contrast of their centers makes the flowers even more sublime.

The Victorian meaning of Ranunculus is 'You are rich in attractions'.  There is also a legend that claims that a shy, handsome Persian prince suffering from unrequited love died of a broken heart and turned into a giant Ranunculus flower showing all of the beauty and love he had inside of him.  How romantic is that?! 

I love having Ranunculus around.  They make the world so frickin' beautiful!  The multi-petaled varieties remind me of beautifully frosted confections.  They look good enough to eat, BUT, one important thing about Ranunculus is that they are poisonous to pets, so mind your loved ones when you have them around.  Respect Ranunculus and in return they will make you feel rich in luxurious beauty!

Now, when you get yourself some stylish Ranunculus, I suggest, if they haven't had their stems recently trimmed to do so.  1/2" off the bottom of stem is good.  When placing stems for display in a vase, I recommend dropping a single copper penny into your water.  For some reason, I find that Ranunculus love copper.  It seems to extend their vase life, usually makes them stand bolt upright, bust out of their tightly wound buds, and bloom their hearts out giving you a bounty of beauty!