TPP's Carnivorous Plant Carnival - One Day Only - Tomorrow 8/10!

Carnivorous Plant Event Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The Plant Provocateur supplying Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, and Los Feliz.


ONE DAY ONLY! Tomorrow, Saturday August 10th from 11am -6pm The Plant Provocateur brings you the Carnivorous Plant Carnival! For one day only, I’ll be offering up some of the strangest plants you’ll ever meet. There will be Insect Eating… Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula ‘King Henry’ one of the largest trap growers around), North American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia, which some refer to as Cobra Lily, although it is not a true Cobra Lily), Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes), and Drosera (Sundew) for the offering.

Prices will vary as there will be rare, unusual, hard to find, one of a kind (hybrids) on hand. I’ve amassed a small collection for both the curious and the collector. I will be on hand to explain what you can expect from your plant and how to care for it. If you’re interested in growing something a bit alien and fantastical, drop on by and check them out. Plants are strictly first come first serve. Shop hours will be 11am-6pm. Hope to see you!