Pilea peperomioides ARE BACK!!!

Pilea peperomioides.  Chinese Money Plant.  Silver Lake, Los Angeles.  The Plant Provocateur supplying Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, and Los Feliz.


It's Back!!! Pilea peperomioides is back at The Plant Provocateur and in stock.  Better yet, they're only $20 bucks each.  Yep, that's right, only $20 bucks for the HOTTEST plant of the moment.  This new crop I'm bring you are lush, plump, and poppin' full of foliage.  I've been hearing of people paying BIG DOLLARS for a single leaf cutting of this plant.  And even BIGGER DOLLARS for plants this size!  Well, guess what, the craze that started 2 years ago at The Plant Provocateur is back! And now everyone can have one. 


You've seen PIlea peperomioides also known as The Chinese Money Plant on Pinterest, in the pages of Vogue, and on many most wanted plant lists.  Super easy and super stylish to grow.  Every plant lover should have one in their collection!  Plants for the people!!! Plants are available in store only.