Welcome to The Plant Provocateur Workshop Menu. Feel free to check out our exciting array of workshops available throughout the year.


Master Yo's Japanese Wood Carving Workshop

Master Yo teaches a meditative Japanese Kikezuri Woodcarving Workshop.  The art of Kikezuri asks the participant to leave their intentions behind and allow the wood's nature to emerge.  It's a very relaxing and meditative process.


Kokedama Workshop

Participants will learn how to create, build, and care for these amazing little individual green gardens of goodness.  This is a hands-on workshop so please come prepared to get your hands dirty.  Each participant takes home what they create!


Wreath Workshop

Create a holiday wreath that is beyond ordinary; that is something more extraordinary using unique plant material that is not your everyday pine branch or dried twig.  I want to open your eyes up to a world of creative possibilities that go outside of the usual holiday box. 


Carnivore Workshop

This is a workshop for those interested in learning about, working with and experiencing the world of carnivorous plants.  Carnivorous plants are those plants that eat insects and do it in the most interesting ways.  Their savage beauty is absolutely fascinating. 


Mothers Day Bouquet, Cut Flowers Workshop

Come experience The Plant Provocateur style of floral design with Mom or just yourself.  This workshop serves as an experience to take a moment and immerse yourself into a state of beauty, creativity, and relaxation.


Staghorn Mounting Workshop

The Plant Provocateur is holding a Staghorn Fern Mounting Workshop where you make and take home your very own piece of living botanical art to hang indoors or out.  It's a trophy of fascinating flora that brings you closer to nature.