Creative Corporate Gifts

A company gift should be as remarkable as the company giving it. Give executive gifts that recipients will sincerely appreciate. Give employee gifts that your coworkers will actually use. Give client gifts that others will see and remark upon. Give gifts that will be displayed proudly. Reject the status quo. Give the remarkable.



CUP O FLORA is a stylish self-watering pot plant that makes growing plants easy. With its own water reservoir, CUP O FLORA provides a set-and-forget solution for busy plant lovers. A large variety of plants thrive on the simple and effective self-absorption mechanism in CUP O FLORA, allowing indoor and outdoor use.

Much thought has been given to the look and functionality of the product. The result is a clear pot made of strong borosilicate glass using a simple refill system. CUP O FLORA - Clearly Different.

CUP O FLORA is host to a large variety of plants. From foliage to blooming varieties and from delicate herbs to hardy succulents, it's easy to match your pot with a plant.

CUP O FLORA comes in two sizes to fit any home or office space.


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